5 Things Everyone's Talking About This Week

Written by: Rachel Antony

From Drake's new album to Uber, here's what everyone's talking about this week.



1. Uber

You think you've been having a rough few months? Uber feels you. It's President Jeff Jones stepped down after only six months on the throne. The corporate culture at Uber doesn't align with Jones' beliefs and leadership style. Right behind him is the VP of Maps and Business Platform, adding to the list of departures in the last few months. It's been a series of unfortunate events for Uber including the #DeleteUber protest against Uber still running while the taxis were on strike following Trump's travel ban; a viral blog from a female employee exposing sexual harassment and discrimination; other female employees coming forward about sexual harassment; former CEO Travis Kalanick was caught yelling at an Uber driver; shall we go on?

2. Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report was released on Monday, aka the International Day of Happiness, and Canada hasn't ranked the top country, but we've put our names up on the board at number seven on the list. Norway was listed as the happiest country in the world, pushing Denmark, last year's champ, to second place.  Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland finish up the top five, respectively. The US has bumped down one spot to sit at 14th on the list, a steady decline over the years. What does this report show? That money can't buy happiness, and community is the key. 

3. More Life

We know you've had Drake's new album on repeat since it debuted OVO Sound Radio, his label’s weekly show on Apple Music this weekend, and more than likely you have used his new lyrics as a caption. Unlike Views, he's taken a lighter tone with what he's calling a playlist, bringing in sounds from across the globe including the Carribean and London. There are some stellar collaborations throughout the playlist, including a killer duet with Kanye West. As you listen to the new tracks you can hear the evolution of Drake's sound, growing from his classic sounds of Hotline Bling to a more mature, less paranoid, breadth of styles. 



4. Donald Trump

Trump had a tough Monday; the FBI confirmed that the investigation into the President for colluding with Russia is true, and not "fake news" as Trump declared hours before. It quickly turned out that Trump's dramatic headlines were far from the truth on multiple occasions, are we even surprised? The other major blow to Trump's Twitter-happy fingers was the NSA's confirmation that Britain did not, in fact, help President Barack Obama with the alleged surveillance on Trump. Will it affect the hard core supporters? Probably not. But the Russian investigation will be irritating to the White House, to say the least, and there has been a few eyebrow raised from members of the Republican party.

5. Canadians Online

A report released yesterday from Media Technology Monitor stated Canadians are spending alot more time online; people aged 18-34 are spending 34 hours per week, that's five hours per day. The concerning part of that number is how much time people are spending online compared to real-life relationships. David Mensink, who works in student affairs at Dalhousie University in Halifax is suggesting people set aside time for face-to-face interaction with loved ones to not lose those deep connections. Not surprisingly, internet usage amoung seniors is also increasing, 74% of people aged 65+ regularly use the internet.