8 Ways Changing Your Smile Will Make You More Confident

We’ve all done it, stood in the mirror and critique every part of ourselves. The way our calves look, how we don’t have a 6-pack, how we wish our hair was longer and that our face wasn’t so flawed. It’s an inherently bad habit that we all get into, even if we try to show ourselves some self-love. Social media doesn’t help, we are constantly bombarded with people who look better and live glamorous lives; how can we not compare our iPhone selfies to photoshopped professional photos?



The key is changing your mindset, surrounding yourself with a supportive girl squad and taking care of yourself. Eating healthy, staying active and trying to avoid weekend ice cream binges will help you feel better on the inside and will help you maintain how you want to look on the outside. Beauty is defined by how we look to other people, but your confidence gets a boost when you feel good about yourself. When we meet new people, their smile is one of the first things we notice, so we can’t help but remember that it’s the first thing other people notice about us.

Changing your smile can drastically change your self-confidence; if you’re hiding your teeth or avoiding smiling in photos because you’re self-conscious about your smile, it can change the way you carry yourself and your attitude towards the rest of your body image and your overall life. Luckily, technology has advanced from the head gear days, and you can change your smile without having to disrupt the rest of your life. Ortho Styles in Calgary strongly believes that straightening your teeth will help improve your confidence and self-image. They offer Invisalign® clear aligners for patients interested in straightening their teeth without taking time out of their lives.

Here are 8 ways changing your smile will make you more confident:

1. You’ll want to smile, and people will smile back

Once you are no longer worried about showing your teeth, smiling will become more natural. If you smile at people, whether you know them or not, people will smile back at you - and who doesn’t like sharing these moments?

2. Smiling makes you happier

All of this new smiling you’ll be doing will naturally make you happier. The muscles in your face trigger your brain into being happy which is reflected in other parts of your life.

3. You won’t be worried about what your teeth look like

You can focus on the conversation you’re having, the event you’re at or the first date sitting across from you without being distracted by worrying about your smile. You can laugh and smile naturally without a second thought.

4. People will compliment you

Other people will notice your new smile and your confidence and compliment you on it. Realizing that other people see you differently than you see yourself is a confidence booster in itself.

5. You’ll feel better about the skin you’re in

Even just one little change can help change the way you look at yourself. Your positive energy and brighter perspective will show through in your self-image and body confidence. Being confident in yourself hugely impacts the people around you; everyone likes good energy.

6. Positively change your perspective

When you’re happy with how you look, your positive view of yourself will transfer over to other aspects of your life.

7. Improve your communication

With straighter teeth you will have an increase to communicate more in general. When you’re not crippled by insecurities you’re able to be more social and stand out in a crowd.

8. Reach for more opportunities

Like a new job or a networking event that you would have otherwise wanted to avoid because of how you thought your teeth looked. With a straighter smile, it’s easier to approach other people and feel more confident when doing so.

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